Evelyn Mbithi Essay

When I finished my primary education, I had big dreams of joining and experiencing high school life. When the time came for me to join secondary school, it was not possible due to lack of my school fee and this made me think that all my dreams in my life had been shuttered. Thanks to Clay school and all the co-founders. It is a school which opened doors for my education and eventually my success in life.

Education in Clay is of high standards and incomparable with the neighboring schools. For the first time it was really hard for me because we had to do class work and help in the construction site. Thanks to Peter and Antony because they helped us to balance school work and construction work.

Our teachers were the best since they delivered everything that could help a student to prosper. All the reading materials were made available to us and everyone who was concerned toiled and moiled to see all the students succeed.

Learning was not only the activity of the day. We engaged ourselves in games and beautifying our school environment. We also had school trips and every student enjoyed. From these, I can rightfully say that I had the best experience that a normal student could wish to have in high school.

In Clay, I received a quality education. As a pioneer, I noticed earlier even before I reached form three. I could compare my notes with those of my friends from other schools and I could find that mine were more elaborate, clear and comprehensive. This came as a result of the kind of teachers we had. They were the best; not only on in class work but also in discipline. Discipline shaped us and it contributed a lot to my success.

The quality education of clay enabled me to have knowledge, skills and to some extend nuture my talents. The most impressive thing is that it has allowed me to join university which was my biggest priority while in school.

When I joined Clay school, I had the feeling that everything was going to be different in my life. This is because of the type of education I received, how people were concerned about my life, my teachers’ encouragement and my efforts towards my studies. I see myself being successful and achieving my goals. I have become a hardworking, passionate, intelligent person and I now known how to cope with situations. It has made me to be happy in life and to have greater expectations in life.

In conclusion, I see myself being a successful lady in life, being able to give others hope in life as I was given and being happier than my past life. I have learned that to be successful, one needs to be focused and it is good to give others and be there for them in their times of need.

Thank you miss you all!

Evelyn has completed her Bachelor Degree from the University of Nairobi and is currently employed.