Rebecca Bosibori – Student Essay

October 7, 2015


I am Rebecca Bosibori a former student. I was born and raised up in Nakuru town, Kenya where my mom and my other siblings were staying. By then life wasn’t all that easy to my family since mom was the only breadwinner and didn’t have a stable job. We just lived a simple life.

We lived happily until the year 2003 when mom succumbed to acute pneumonia. All our hopes shunned.  We had to depend on our elder sister who used to sell vegetables in order to sustain us. It was a tough experience.

When I cleared my primary school I had nowhere to go despite having passed my national examinations. Normally here in Kenya learners from primary school join high school early January. All my friends joined and I was left at home praying to get a well-wisher to take me to secondary school. I did not lose hope! I helped my sister in selling vegetables in order to raise my school fees though I didn’t give back any benefits.

When Debra and Jeana came to Kenya they gave me a chance to go to their school that was my happiest moment. I did not take the chance for granted. I worked very hard and emerged among the top students and qualified for a direct entry to a public university where I took Bachelor of Education in Science in Chemistry and Biology.

Were it not for going to that high school my life could be miserable and I would not have known the importance of studying. I am waiting to graduate in December this year and also planning to start my Master’s program next year so that I can get a good job, earn good money and serve my community.  Were it not for the donors my life could have not been touched.

I wish also to impact and save somebody’s life. I am also planning in the future to open a home which takes care of special needs children who are neglected in the villages.

Thank you for making my dream come true! Love you Debra and Jeana.


Rebecca is currently a teacher and is planning on getting her Master’s Degree.